Collaborations, updates, campaigns, oh my!




DTE x Octopus Books

DTE collaborated with leftist Ottawa bookstore Octopus Books to discuss social-justice-focused businesses and how reading can help dismantle oppressive systems.

The Role of Social-Justice-Focused Businesses In Conversation with Octopus Books.png
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DTE x Summer Tyance

Summer Tyance is Anishinaabekwe from Gull Bay First Nation. She is an artist, writer, and student focused on decolonization, self-determination, and Indigenous legal traditions.


DTE x Herongate Tenant Coalition

DTE collaborated with the Herongate Tenant Coalition, a group of tenants living in the Herongate neighbourhood of Ottawa who are experiencing immoral demovictions, to raise awareness about their cause.

Copy of Demovictions in Herongate, Ottawa (1080 × 1350 px) (1).png
Copy of A grade 11 student is not allowed to run for Student Trustee because she is not Ca

DTE x Muskan Nagra

DTE and Muskan Nagra created an informational post to advocate for the defunding of Catholic schools, based on Muskan's experience in high school as a Sikh woman.


DTE x Stefania Maggi

DTE, alongside Carleton professor Stefania Maggi, held a Discord Game Night on February 15, 2022, with the theme of climate change, technology and gaming.

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Divest Skate Carleton & Uottawa.png

DTE x Climate Action Carleton

DTE and Climate Action Carleton have developed a great collaborative relationship. We collaborated on a Divest Skate on the Rideau Canal, alongside Climate Justice Climatique uOttawa, on February 12, 2022.


DTE x Tiana Thomas x Anthony Valenti

DTE interviewed two student leaders at Carleton University about sexual violence prevention on university campuses.

sexual violence in post secondary institutions.png
The Realities of COP26.png

DTE x Maheep Sandhu

DTE and Carleton University alum Maheep Sandhu teamed up to create a post about the COP26 conference and climate justice.